Avoid These 10 Outdated Home Renovations That Are Losing Popularity

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When it’s time to upgrade your home through renovation, it’s easy to get excited — and overwhelmed — by all of the options available to you.

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You want to be sure to get the best advice that will not only allow you to enjoy the home you’re living in, but keep it viable for a future tenant if you plan to sell it one day. You don’t want to invest tons of money in renovations that are already on their way out of trendiness.

Real estate experts explain which home renovations are worth skipping because they’re already going out of style.

The All-White Kitchen

White seems an excellent choice in a kitchen for its neutrality; but, according to Moe Soloff, a kitchen specialist at Fabuwood, that trend its on its way out.

“While it offers a clean aesthetic,” Soloff said, “it’s also impractical for most homeowners due to its maintenance demands.”

Instead, there’s a shift toward natural wood tones and color-infused cabinetry that add warmth and personality to the kitchen space.

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Farmhouse Core

One style that slowly has been making its way out for a while now is the farmhouse, according to Martin Orefice, CEO of Rent to Own Labs. “We’re seeing a lot less demand for shiplap, barn doors and raw, unfinished wood looks.” 

If you like farmhouse core, better to go buy an actual farm, but consider you may have trouble if you want to sell your home down the road.

Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

Traditional wall-to-wall carpeting, once a common choice for homeowners, is gradually losing its appeal, said Sol Kruk, a licensed home inspector and owner of Property Inspection Pros. “The shift away from carpeting is due to its demanding maintenance requirements, vulnerability to stains and susceptibility to wear and tear.” 

Instead, homeowners are turning to alternative flooring options that offer both practicality and style.

“Hardwood floors, for instance, provide an elegant, timeless appearance and are easier to clean and maintain,” Kruk said. “Laminate flooring offers durability and affordability, while eco-friendly choices like bamboo and cork not only contribute to sustainability but also infuse a space with a modern, natural aesthetic.”

He said these alternatives combine functionality and aesthetics, making them increasingly popular in contemporary home design.

Matching Everything

If you have a hankering for matching your decor in a room, harmonizing everything from furniture to curtains to wall color, you’ll want to rethink that approach, Kruk suggested.

“Professional interior designers are favoring a more eclectic and personalized approach to decorating spaces,” he said. “This design shift embraces the idea of mixing different textures, patterns, and colors within a room.”

This newer approach aims to add depth and character to the environment, he said, resulting in a visually stimulating and appealing space.

Kruk added, “This approach allows homeowners to express their individuality and creativity, avoiding the predictable and uniform look that often accompanies perfectly matched decor.”

Wallpaper Overload

Wallpaper has experienced a renaissance in recent years, for the way it can instantly brighten and change a room. However, according to Ben Gold, founder of Recommended Home Buyers, excessive wallpaper can make a home feel cluttered and dated.

Gold suggested, “Opt for fresh paint or minimalist wall coverings for a more contemporary look.”

Over-the-Top Kitchen Islands 

The old-fashioned kitchen went out of style for a while, replaced by the open plan with massive kitchen island, Gold said.

However, he added, “Now homeowners prefer more practical, space-efficient designs that focus on functionality and flow.”

Open Floor Plan

Cody Rudolph, a real estate marketer and blogger with Cody Rudolph Ventures, LLC, said, “The open floor plan is slowly going the way of the dinosaurs: outdated, extinct, kaput.”

The reason is that real estate developers and rehabbers nationwide are getting pressure from a growing population of millennial homebuyers to dial back on the wide-open spaces and reintroduce fun and functional rooms.

Rudolph said, “Offices, dining rooms, breakfast nooks, reading rooms and game rooms are soaring in demand.”

Millennials now make up a majority of active homebuyers, and many are spending the bulk of their time at home, Rudolph explained.

“Thanks to remote work and staggering inflation, they’re working from home, exercising at home, cooking and entertaining friends at home,” he said. “With so much time spent at home, buyers seek dedicated spaces — aka walls — to make their homes more exciting and multi-faceted.”

Accent Walls

While accent walls had their moment, “Many homeowners now prefer a more cohesive color palette throughout the home for a contemporary and seamless look,” according to Kyle Bazylo, a real estate expert and founder of Selling South Winnipeg.

He recommended embracing a consistent color scheme across rooms to create a cohesive and visually appealing space.

Over-the-Range Microwaves

Built-in microwave drawers and stylish countertop models are gaining popularity as they offer a sleeker and more integrated kitchen design, Bazylo said. “Explore alternative microwave placement options for a modern kitchen aesthetic.”

Carpeted Bathrooms

Carpeted bathrooms are becoming a thing of the past, according to Joshua Martin, a licensed Realtor and founder of Atticus Home Buyers.

“Not only can they be difficult to clean and maintain, but they can also trap moisture and lead to mold and mildew issues,” he said.

Instead, opt for tile or other waterproof flooring options for both a practical function and a touch of elegance.

No matter what you choose, Martin urged you not to renovate too much to any single trend, but to “choose renovations that reflect your personal style and will stand the test of time.” 

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